Bill Burket

Director of Maritime Incident Response Team

Port of Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia


Bill Burket, the Director of the Maritime Incident Response Team and Emergency Operations for the Port of Virginia is responsible for the management of resources, training, and personnel from local agencies who participate on the MIRT team. He is responsible to respond and provide assistance to any incident upon request within the Port of Hampton Roads. He is tasked with ensuring partnerships within the port emergency response community are maintained to provide for an effective response to any hazards or other incidents within the port. Bill serves as the Chairman of Virginia Maritime’s Fire Protection sub-committee and serves on numerous USCG and Regional UASI committees. He continues to serve as the coordinator of the Annual Hampton Roads Marine Firefighting Symposium and co-coordinator of the Annual SAR Forum. Additionally, Bill is responsible for Emergency Operations, Grant Management, and Continuity of Operations for the Port of Virginia.

Bill Burket is a retired Virginia Beach Fire Department Captain having served over 31 years. During his career, Bill assisted in establishing the Virginia Beach Fire Department’s Marine Team and has been involved in many maritime responses within the Port of Hampton Roads.