IML Corp

IMLCORP offers six SoundCommander tactical models in two series. Capabilities include directed and wide area coverage and maximum ranges from 750 IMLLogometers to 2000 meters. The SC360 fixed installation mass notification system offers wide-area mass notification coverage on college and school campuses, military bases and public venues. The system is also ideal for “Giant Voice“ applications. All models feature wired and wireless input capabilities and are expandable.

SoundCommander® high-power loudspeakers systems are rugged, high-output field communications tools for tactical and emergency mass notification operations for military, police, fire, emergency management, rescue services, college and school campuses, public venues and industrial users. SoundCommander systems fall in to categories of lightweight portable, long-range acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) and wide-area deployable/portable systems, vehicle mounted and area mass notification systems. All SoundCommander systems can project clear, undistorted, highly intelligible live voice and prerecorded message audio and warning sounds over exceptional ranges.

CGIMLNaval, Coast Guard and Maritime Operations
Mother Nature can be at her harshest on the open seas. Physical abuse, extreme temperatures, and exposure to water salt and fumes make for an electronic system's worst nightmare – as well as sailors’ and mariners’ worst nightmares.

Naval and Coast Guard Forces
Naval vessels have long used SoundCommander® acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) from IMLCORP to warn off approaching craft or provide assistance in responding to emergencies on the open seas. They also use loudspeaker systems to provide instructions for normal operations and warning tones and instructions during emergencies. Closer in, Coast Guard vessels have used SoundCommander SC1100LS systems to communicate with other vessels for law enforcement and rescue incidents. The power to be heard and the clarity to be understood are critical

Maritime IndustryMarineIML
When merchant marine personnel need to be on deck to handle emergencies such as securing containers in heavy seas, loud, clear warning tones and instructions can prevent injuries and save lives. IMLCORP Sound Solutions can help you add the outdoor-speaker component to your emergency notification system. We use building blocks from our stock products – speakers, amplifiers and other equipment – to design and deliver custom solutions to meet your needs and budget.

  • Proven credibility and history
  • Field maintainable
  • Modular design for battery, amplifier, control and speaker replacements
  • Defense clearance and fully owned intellectual property
  • Enterprise operations, family owned pride and values
  • Rapid customization ability and flexibility
  • Engineers, associates, and assembly are all in same facility in Marietta, GA USA
  • Appropriate solutions for needs and budgets
  • Lifetime customer support
  • The most durable assembly standards in the world
  • Strategic Collaboration Partners to meet your specific application requirements

Marine Terminals
Near docks or buildings that handle passengers or freight, any type of security or operational emergency can arise almost without warning. You need the loud, clear voice instructions that only a SoundCommander® emergency mass notification system can provide to save lives and help responders do their jobs better.  The ability to overcome ambient sound levels and deliver warnings and instructions with the highest levels of clarity is critical, especially when not everyone speaks the local language fluently. Combine our loudspeakers with other mass notification technologies, and you have the complete communications package.


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