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SAP HANA is a high performance in-memory data management and analysis software platform that is the result of co-innovation between the large enterprise software company, SAP, and the CPU processor chip manufacturer, Intel. First released in 2010, SAP wrote the software system to run on the widely used Intel XEON-based servers, which are available from all the major computer manufacturers and are pervasive in data centers and cloud infrastructures around the world.  Intel optimized the instruction sets in the chips themselves to accelerate the high performance in-memory database processing of HANA.  This co-innovation allowed the SAP HANA data management system, first released in 2010, to fully leverage the potential of the multi-processor, multi-core hardware of the newest servers in a way that data management systems that were first written in the 1980s --the days of single threaded, single CPU systems--cannot do.  The result of this effort is the ability to scan, search and analyze multi-million—or even billion-- record datasets in seconds. Recently, SAP has collaborated with IBM to deliver the high performance functionality of SAP HANA on the IBM Power System chipsets as well. Click here for more info




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Our deep water harbor–the deepest on the US East Coast–shelters the world’s largest naval base; a robust shipbuilding and repair industry; a thriving export coal trade and the sixth largest containerized cargo complex in the United States. The port offers 50-foot channels, inbound and outbound, and is the only US East Coast port with Congressional authorization to dredge to 55 feet. In an era where container ships are carrying tens of thousands of twenty-foot equivalent units per voyage, deep water and the absence of overhead restrictions is a significant competitive advantage. Click here for more info


Surface Navy Association (SNA) - Lead Sponsor

Surface Navy Association (SNA) was incorporated in 1985 to promote greater coordination and communication among those in the military, business, and academic communities who share a common interest in Surface Warfare while supporting the activities of Surface Naval Forces.

It is the Association at the center of Surface Warfare. SNA provides its’ members support, programs, & various activities that enable professional growth, personal satisfaction, and camaraderie. Click here for more info




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Dallmeier is one of the world leading providers of products for network-based video surveillance solutions and has more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality complete solutions for the CCTV/IP sector. With the multifocal sensor technology Panomera®, IP cameras, recording servers, intelligent video analysis and software, Dallmeier offers complete systems and high quality components for stadium security which can be integrated easily into third party systems thanks to open interfaces.  All products are developed and manufactured on Dallmeier’s own production sites – made by Dallmeier, made in Germany – and meet the highest requirements concerning quality and reliability.  Click here for more info


Headquartered at the Global Situational Awareness Center (GSAC) at NASA/Kennedy Space Center, the MPS-ISAO is non-profit, private sector-led working in collaboration with government to advance Port and Maritime cyber resilience. The core mission is to enable and sustain a safe, secure and resilient Maritime and Port Critical Infrastructure through security situational intelligence, multi-directional information sharing, coordinated response, and best practice adoption supported by role-based education. The MPS-ISAO is a founding member of the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI). Click here for more info




Maritime Security Outlook (MSO) is the only online resource for information, news and solutions for the maritime security and marine law enforcement community. It is an open platform for all stakeholders to share their opinions, knowledge, and analyses of the critical issues facing the industry. Maritime Security Outlook is not driven by journalists, and all editorials and analyses are contributed by maritime security professionals with credible experience and knowledge in the field.  News stories are selected and aggregated from web and print sources that are relevant and beneficial to the maritime security and law enforcement community.  With primary viewership from law enforcement agencies, port authorities, and government personnel, Maritime Security Outlook is the one-stop shop to obtain the latest in news, information and solutions. Click here for more info




Professional Mariner is famous throughout North America as the “Journal of the Maritime Industry.” Our core readership is the high-achieving community of licensed captains, mates and engineers who provide leadership aboard commercial vessels and whose expertise and safe operation make the U.S. and Canadian economies go. We also serve the broader commercial marine industry including port captains, managers and other shore-based decision-makers, shipbuilding and repair yards, equipment suppliers, Coast Guard personnel, maritime academies and other training programs. Our industry-segment beats include tugboats, towing vessels, barges, work boats, supply vessels, Great Lakes vessels, harbor pilots, passenger vessels, salvage, dredging, research vessels, public-safety boats, plus coastwise and bluewater ships.In addition to our best-in-class coverage of maritime casualties and on-board features, Professional Mariner also regularly reports on maritime safety, security, new products, propulsion, electronics, deck gear, environment, credentialing, regulations and job trends. If you are a licensed commercial mariner -- or aspire to become one -- Professional Mariner magazine and professionalmariner.com are your one-stop destinations to advance your career or business.  Click here for more info


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Tactical Defense Media (TDM) publications serve as a forum for ideas between the military, government, and private sector. In articles produced by a mix of professional writers and subject matter experts, readers can expect a mix of business intelligence, new technology analysis, requirements, and platforms, and examinations of the state of competitive production and fielding efforts directly from the Armed Services. TDM’s in-depth coverage of five subject areas and consistent presence at small and large defense industry trade shows has established the company as a well-known source of information in the defense sector, and we will continue being a valuable source of information and learning to DoD and DHS personnel, and the industry professionals who work with them, for years to come. Click here for more info

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